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Apr 28
i still have so much love for you and i don’t know what to do with it or where to put it but i know hand-writing little notes and leaving them hidden in your jackets pocket or lunch pail or dashboard, compiling it into a detailed spotify playlist, sending it through a lengthy text after midnight, kissing every inch of your face your lips your eyelids the tip of your nose your jaw your chin, running my hands through your hair, placing my face in the palm of your hands, holding your hand, kissing your hand, leaning my head on your shoulder, playfully biting your shoulder, softly kissing your shoulder, curling up against your chest, hearing your heart beat and thanking God and the universe for it, praying over you while you sleep, entangling my skin with your skin until we’re all sweat and sighs and messy hair, dropping to my knees and taking you all in, laying on my side as you take me all in, picking up our favorite bottle of wine to make a night out of with, making plans in plural and future tense -- i know i can no longer store my love in any of this, so i’ll just let it rest here for a while and hope that eventually it becomes a space for its release too
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