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Aug 2013
**** on my hands
Feet steeped in dirt
My back pains to stand
My raw **** begins to hurt

Excuse my vulgarity as it is not my intent
Excuse my anger as it tends to become violent
Excuse yourself for your ignorance and malice
Excuse my voice, if you want quiet crazy go ask Alice

Watch my face as I start to grin
It kinda ***** to watch you win

My aggression teaches lesson
My death is all that is left

Watch the water as it turns black
Black as my soul
Black as coal

My sin is your deliverance
My goal is your difference

Can't you see how blind I am?
Cant you feel how hurt I am?
Wash the blood of of my hand
Wish you luck I don't give a ****

Can you people guess my direction?
It has become hard to maintain *******
The voices blend into a shout
Hard for me to figure it out.

If you want sleep
Don't be a creep
For your soul will weep
For your eyes will start to bleed.

I can hope you decipher my message
If not well **** my guesses
Of your thoughts and intentions
All apologies of which I speak
Can't help when my eyes don't blink
Written by
David Walker  Ohio
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