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Jul 2010
This is the story about a young knight, riding his horse through a village one day. A woman stops him.*

Oh brave sir knight
young blue eyes so bright
this maiden throws herself at your feet
I have a farm, chickens, cows, plenty to eat
when you take me in marriage, it is all yours, my dear
let us roll in the hay, I'll let you drink my root beer
summer, fall, winter, spring
I'll be your queen, you'll be my king
sir knight, darling, dear, listen to this plea
marry me, marry me, marry me!

Maiden? You're older and uglier than my mother
who, when I was 12, I had the decency to smother
stay away, you filthy *****
oh god, the stench, the stench!
you look and smell worse than moldy old cheese
verily, you must have at least fifteen types of disease
No, I will not put my sword in your sheath
I'd sooner punch out my own pretty yellow teeth
you ****** old cow, you mangy goat
out of my sight, lest I cut your throat!
First part took me a very long time to finish. Second part went automatically. Apart from one or two lines, I'm pleased with the end result.
Written by
Tim T
   Gemma and David Bird
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