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Apr 22
the waves of thoughts crashing against his mind like a chaotic ocean destroying everything in its path
corroding away at mental barriers held in place by mere fibers of hope
torn away at the seams at the utter strength brought about by these waves of negative torment ripping through his mind
slowly drowning any chance of happiness
gasping for air on the inside
while outside he laughs, his friends unable to see the war ravaging his mind
the battle being fought with casualties insurmountable
every joyous thought laying dead on the hellish landscape that is his brain

his laugh, seeming genuine when in reality it's nothing more than a facade erected to ward off the possibility of an opportunity to open up to others

a defense

which in turn is an offense against himself
leading to more attacks on his mind, shame becoming the catalyst to full eradication of any hope he has left
ripping through him like a tornado, shattering the windows in his mind that give him views of a purpose in this life
sending every standing tree keeping his idea of beauty alive
crashing to the ground
creating cracks too deep to fix
letting the darkness seep in
soaking his mind until it fills
the void he's felt, now filled with a hatred that can never be reversed
and before he can't mount a counter attack he feels the tightening
the rope around his neck taught
the viscious snap the last sound to pierce his ears
and all went black.
Bradyn McCall
Written by
Bradyn McCall  21/M/Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
(21/M/Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)   
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