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Apr 2021
Captain Jack and Lillian

It was a mid-day in May
When red sunlight lazily lay
Peering through cloudless skies,
Casting down on ocean's brilliant dyes
That Captain Jack and his crew of three
sailed for the magic solitude
of the boundless sea.
Lillian stood on the surf-tormented shore,
Her eyes' scintillating soul the pain she bore.
Jack consumed her heart,
in all and in whole,
And with it he took his truant soul.

The day had grown to twilight dim
As Night birds sang a solemn hymn
That echoed across the night-tide's rush
riding waves' glow with reddish blush.
There appeared a bright cold moon
As if a talisman, not a warning too soon
For the once calm waters began to swell
from the chilling winds upon them fell.
The tossing tempests had grown and grown
as mountainous waves appeared as death's throne.
In solemn silence,
Captain Jack and the three
became slumbering souls
beneath the tumultuous sea.
The lurid sea, the lurid sea
in all the pageantry of her beauty.

Moon tints of purple and pearl
evolved into brilliant liquescence
when Lillian appeared as crystalline light,
the poetry of her presence.
Her face shone sorrow and her soul she borrowed
as she pleaded to the stars above,
wishing the return of Captain Jack,
her one and only love.

Out of the sea's immensity,
into a labyrinth of pearly light,
Captain Jack stood a proud tower
holding his stone flowers
toward Lillian , he held them out right.
Her heart palpitated at the welcome sight,
her eyes beamed with glee
One step then two then vanishing into
the cold embrace of the sea.
Love lost sea
Written by
Robert meacham
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