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Apr 2021
Somebody texted me
About their day
And I was so happy
For them

I got a call from Ireland
Wasn’t sure what it was about
But the caller spoke Chinese
So I hung

Did someone else’s chore
While they hustled in their own world
Silently and by myself
Good job, good job

Sometimes I lay in bed
And think of all the things I might say
Lodged within my throat
A mantra in my head

A fox stole my tongue
So now my words don’t come out right
And the only thing I’m good for
Is to be someone else’s ear

No one stays to listen to my whispers
And maybe it’s my fault
Maybe I should’ve said it louder
Should’ve brought along a speaker

I’m surrounded by people
My kin are as knitted as skin
But I’m drowning drowning drowning
In nothing nothing nothing

Take me to the mountains
Mint my lead into a mouth
Let me scream out all my sorrows
Let me scream away my sound

Then maybe I won’t be buried
With all my life left in secrets
All my burdens left as monuments
Rotting underneath the stone
oh god I’m so lonely
Written by
Em  Singapore
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