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Aug 2013
erika's coming back in two weeks.
ah, the prodigal sister
who promised me that she'd give anything to spend the summer
with me
me who's
been alone
all year already
and trying to be ok
but no, she has to stay at school during the summer
study with her voice professor
launch her career
get it
but give her
one day
and she calls dad
says she's going to kentucky
for the summer
to have fun
on her own

i really don't remember ever being that angry
or hurt
i remember throwing things
and kicking a chair
and my foot even bled
and i swore at dad
and sobbed
and it was ridiculous
but it was how my insides felt.

and now she is back
for two weeks
and then gone again
i'm looking for somewhere to be
for two weeks
anyone want to
adopt me
i need to talk to someone so i don't let this all bottle up and i just lose it again. but people are such ****.
Written by
Redshift  F
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