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Apr 7
Let me you take to
A forbidden place
Where the water is gold
And stars are jade

Rainbow nation
Reach another level
Of consciousness

The birds they talk
And we can fly
And swim simultaneously
In the silver sky

The fountain of youth
Is located there
The garden of fairies

They say it's in the East
I differ
Where all are happy
With a delighted face

You can't reach there by a taxi
A moonlit lake near Mt.Cotopaxi
Shrouded in dark black snowflakes

You will here the primal music
A flute, of when this world began
They make lose your senses
And you'll find yourself in another land

Imagine a portrait of heaven
Painted with infinite colours
And we ain't ever getting older
For death can't visit there

Birds singing such
Mellifluous tunes
Of when this universe
Was just an egg

Diamond laden streets
Live in your dreams
Fly and swim in these skies
Now, if you close your eyes
You can go there
The whole poem is based on paridaeza(Persian for the walled gardens,root for English word 'paradise')

Pari-desh is a self-concocted word
In Hindi,'Pari' means 'fairy' and 'desh' means 'nation'
'Desh' is pronounced 'they-shhhh'
Written by
Daivik  17/M/Patna
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