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Apr 2021
As far as I know
Words have always landed heavy on my tongue
as a child there were
Some things I couldn’t
Enunciate well
Like soap in my native language
Though English was my first first
I lost it very early on
I must say picking it back up
Learning to relearn this language
That is spoken in many places
Wasn’t as easy
As finessing my safina (soap)pronunciation
In manikaka (Mandingo)
It’s not about saying the words
But how it is spoken
How I struggle with that
English is my primary language
And yet I get asked which
Language I think in
Native speakers tries to over simplify things
Break down so I could better understand them
I mean I don’t know every big grammar that exists in the English dictionary
But golly gee you don’t have to ask me
If I know what the words mean after each sentence
But you know
I can never quite get it right
When I am told that I have accent speaking
My own native language
My tongue
Why does it feel like nothing seems to fit perfectly
Words, languages
Is this the price I have to pay for being
multi lingual
Fynta Sidime
Written by
Fynta Sidime  24/F/Northampton MA
(24/F/Northampton MA)   
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