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Apr 5
Deja vu dreams glimpse what’s to come
Veiling reality from perception
Obscuring past and future selves
What’s once hidden, again found in another
Worthiness forfeit to the gravity of expectation

Fail, or follow

Trust is built on words of wisdom
Drink it in or drown it out
Connect to the sonorous vibrations
Or feign ignorance while praying for more
The evidence is prevalent to those whose hearts are open

Belittle, or believe

Fan the flame that ruins or refines you
The choice is yours to build or burn it to the ground
To find meaning in the minutiae
A manifestation of subconscious cues
Confirmation that the path before you is the one you’re meant to be on

Falter, or forward
This is a musing I wrote for Grieve the Astronaut’s “Signs” album, and this one in particular is about the titular song. I was asked to pen my response to each song and their lyrics and express what it meant to me in my own words. This one deals with thoughts of fate or divine paths, belief in ones purpose and meaning, and the choice to accept or dismiss the signs.
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