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Apr 4
she can play in the puddles,
while I have a rainy day
her skies are blue
and mine are grey

her heart is tender
and mine is scarred
her success is a series of open doors,
and mine are all barred

she sings in the shower,
but I cry in mine
she holds onto her dreams
and I, to a life line

and she can yell at her father
with a passion in her chest
I look at mine
and am thankful for the little time he has left

I am in the fire
but her sorrows, she can ignore
so I will look from a distance
knowing I am being forged

she is happy in her picturesque life
sports, friends, boys
but now I understand
some of us weren't made for happiness, but joy

joy is victory,
fighting on the battleground of life
in the storms, fear, darkness,
joy is a light

for there is beauty in the pain
and after every tear-filled night, there's a sunrise at dawn
so for those in their own storm
keep your head up and carry on
:) there's hope
Rosmary Penn
Written by
Rosmary Penn  Somewhere
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