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Apr 3
I can taste before, with such sweetness
that spring.
Although at the time, all I could feel was the rain.

Now, I savor this late-August evening;
an over-ripe plum
so full of life, that it withers.

What’s left will ferment
into a blissful potion of past
to be sipped on in winterβ€”
God willing,
To warm and illuminate my flesh, for a moment.

Impermanence makes all things gold and sweet.

So here I am in this late summer evening,
trying my best to savor the flavor of this hour,
so in the winter, I can sip it again…

And when the winter passes,
and my drink is done,
I hope these words live on,
in some other, relative youth.

So that he, or she, or they, or what have they
can remember to savor this dayβ€”
and hold tight to tomorrow...

Knowing that this too shall pass,
and the juice of today will ferment by tomorrow.
Written by
More Love
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