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Mar 2021
If I were to write a novel, it would probably be called, “Big Words Capitalism **** ****”
It would make Nietzsche **** his pants
I want to make enough money to settle uncomfortably until I **** my own pants
And hopefully sell ten thousand hardcover copies
It’s gonna be straight up philosophy and drugs
So all the hipsters can pretend it changed their lives
And when they get old and **** their pants like me, I won’t feel lonely

In my novel
Fascism wouldn’t have lasted so ******* long
Facism makes people feel lonely
Makes people close their eyes

God is a fascist
His secret was the Copy and Paste function
He created the universe with Apple products
On his MacBook Pro
He held the command key
Commanding all his people to copy and paste that ******* bible
He shifted everything
turned caps lock on and capitalized on all the cold ******* that took it seriously
That’s how fascism works

In my novel,
When my gravestone smokes the nicotine in my ashes
The buzz will trickle down the economy
Until the grassroots stir crazy
And my ***, as it has always been,
Will be the **** of the joke <finish cigarette here>

Trying to live on philosophy is like paying rent with minimum wage and forgetting about food
You forget the basics and go straight to the hard stuff
Trying to **** with philosophy is like taking a sword to bed
If you get any head, it’ll just be the tip
Trying to fight with philosophy is like bringing a ***** to a gunfight
You might surprise the *******, but more than likely, you’re just waving something flimsy and obscene

Guess what God?
I’m gonna write a novel,
And you can try to hit control F
To find out how I made it “work”
And all you’re gonna find is that you’re a control ****

For those of you still with me
All it took for me to write a novel was to
blame God for **** I didn’t want to be responsible for
Smoke a lot
Trip on acid
And travel the universe

God bless capitalism

<-> written jan26.2016
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