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Mar 2021
My being betrays expectations
Conceived before my wake
That think me something small,
Delicate, like a gold-etched china plate
So they toss me to the ground
To hear me shatter, see me break
Maybe kick around the pieces
Into angry spiralled shapes

It’s to my aid that I was built to last
I’m stitched with strength at every seam
I care not to confine myself
To what I’ve been assumed to be
Me, I’ve found enchantment
Within most things the eye can see
And though I bleed emotion
There’s no weakness in these tears I weep

I’ll climb up to the mountaintops
To show you every song I know
My voice will travel miles
To places and pitches, high and low
For the world to see I’m larger than ever
Even if I haven’t grown
Even if I’m close to the ground
You will never reach the places that I roam
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