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Mar 21
Another poem spent on the same person
And another guilty glance of how you’re doing, where you’ve been
I can’t escape the white-knuckled grasp
That the reminders of our clandestine kisses
Hold over my memory
In defiance of my most miserable efforts
To rid my heart of your presence
Unmatched by any other human, for better or for worse
Better off I am without you
But better off I am having known your gaze
Having received your touch, second only to words
Of beauty, like birds dominating the breeze
Or the ripples of a vast blue lake
Undisturbed by the misgivings and mistakes of the world
Worldly matters so insignificant within a moment of love
That ignites the atmosphere into passionate glory
Permeating the surface of any passersby
I pass by your house on strolls through lanes of reminiscence
And I slip in through the open door
Just to step into the place I once belonged
In sorrowful attempts to relive what has already faded
Ashes to ashes, infatuation to gnawing pain
Blistery, aching, criminal pain that refuses to leave
As long as I live, both my pleasure and strife will remain
From a body and mind so young
Tainted by you, but in the most delicious way
Salivating mouths will never fail to feed
Upon what is placed before them
Thus I will always indulge
On my addictive memories of you
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