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Mar 2021
I'm sick of my own mind
tired of being sad all the time
tired of never being able to sleep
and when I do it's never enough
One of these days I'm afraid
I'll  lay down and never get up

they give me meds but they barely work
and angry words only make it worse
I'd tell the truth but I'm too afraid
that those once kind eyes will fill with hate
I'm trying so hard I swear I am
but I'm too broken for you to understand

there's lines on my thighs that aren't easily explained
and I find it easy to ignore the hunger pains
I'm starving but I can't make myself eat
I  hate myself but love watching myself bleed
I say that I'm fine and put on a smile
But really I've been broken for quite a while

What the hell is wrong with me?
Written by
Kade  18/Gender Fluid/Still a headcase
(18/Gender Fluid/Still a headcase)   
   Reyna, ---, Thomas W Case and Wock Tof
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