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Mar 2021
Oh how far the great have fallen
Tumbling and turning in the air
Crashing, crashing
Falling, falling
Soundless breath choking their words
And squeezing out their lies

Oh how silently the fallen have risen
A step at a time
The wraiths of the earth
Looking, looking
Feeling, feeling
They drag their ball and chain
Nails on boards screaching
Reaching for a taste of sun

Oh how the innocent stand
Sword at hand
The smell of doubt
Flavourful and sweet
Behind their masks and bitter sweat

The children enter
Into the halls of glamour
Past silver busts
And rotting stone
They fear, oh they fear
They know

Tongues of flame
Lips of death
Eyes of fools
Hands of the doomed

They crawl, oh they crawl
And the innocent bear the burden
As the great fall and the fallen rise
As the past catches up and the future slows down
And those at the middle

Written by
Em  Singapore
   Kyle Dal Santo
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