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Mar 2021
When you found me I'd been through hell
I laughed and cried thank you to my saviour
I was surrounded and alone
Doing everything I could for people and draining myself
He hit me once, then twice, then again till I was nothing
He laughed and joked until I was a former shell
They ignored
He hit again

And you made me laugh for the first time in years
But now I see it was another painful illusion
You're not my saviour
You're my beautiful doom

I'll love you with everything in me
I'll love you with everything I have
I'll wait for you to have the time to talk to me
I'll wait for you if it means I get a kiss
Maybe a hug
Maybe even just a glance

We'll keep building our future together,
I'll keep losing myself to be who you need

You've been busy for a while
And that's okay
Why wouldn't it be
I've learnt to cope
Learnt you can live weeks of laughter without needing me
I'll learn to cope

But you were laughing with your friends whilst I was crying on the phone
You were talking to your friends whilst I was bleeding on the floor
You saw the tears and blood and went back to your game
You'll call me later, I'll be okay

So I'll be okay because that's what you need
I'll be happy when you text because that's what makes you happy
I'll free my nights in case you call to fall asleep
I'll free my days hoping for a miracle

But you were my saviour and I fell in love
Your smile, your voice, your laughter, happiness, face, beauty, personality
I fell in love
And we'll keep building our future, and I'll keep losing myself, my beautiful doom

I'll do anything for you
I'll live
I'll change
I'll **** myself trying
My beautiful doom

This is not romantic
It was never supposed to be
Maybe we can be healthy again
Maybe one day we can be okay
So I'll be hoping for a miracle
Before I **** myself for your future
My beautiful doom
Charlie Black
Written by
Charlie Black  17/Gender Fluid/Idk yet
(17/Gender Fluid/Idk yet)   
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