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Mar 2021
Down the street the old man cried,

“let me sleep! i’ve got nothing to hide!”

but the thieves and the mold care not for such things

as they burned and they burned

and they burned

Wrinkled ladies in oversized rings

yelled out their price for the prisoner’s things

“settle down, settle down, there’s more where it came from.”

as they smiled and they smiled

and they smiled

The youth shiver below, crude laughter in the sky

fear melting on their tongues like ice cream pie

cold hands caress their heads, staining their memories like ink on shoes

as they crumbled and they crumbled

and they crumbled

The marching of shadows shambled in the light

“roll up, roll up! lucky winner hold tight!”

slave to the mechanical beating heart of powders and liquids and glittering heat

as they fell and they fell

and they fell

Wriggling corpses build their huts along the naked land

stumbling past crowded bones as they long played their hand

“mercy, mercy, our children starve!”

as they withered and they withered

and they withered

The earth spins off its ruptured axis

flinging it’s occupants in a human crisis

the old moose groans and the silver trees splinter

as they sank and they sank

and they sank

Life seems forever as decay eats decay

as adults never seem to turn tomorrow into today

the only mark of the living left like pressed flowers in a crumbling world

as we wept and we wept

and we wept

People in straight suits say ignorance is bliss

well ignorance made me a ****** kid

i’ll tell you

i’ll let you

in on a little secret

misery is a card you don’t want to play

and death is a dept you don’t want to pay

The 15th, 16th, 17th century

the 21st

the ******* 100th

round and round

over and over

pushing time again and again

Oh the lessons are never learnt

and the punishments are always served

and the only ones left in it all

are corporate businesses who

sweep the ice cubes under the fridge

Oh we’ll suffer

oh we’ll cry

oh we’ll tumble and grumble until we all die

But the world will keep turning

and the mistakes keep churning

until we are left with no more
what a world we live in
Written by
Em  Singapore
   Imran Islam
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