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Jul 2010
Angels cry beside my shadow
Looked up to the stars and you will see
The scroll of your life passing you with no remorse
Every now and then let go to the uncertainty of your hands
Derail once before by a freighting
desire of walking back to a dark corner
Darkest moment seeking my other face
Sensibility lying on the road to heaven
Promised to bowed in silence
As my tears flow through a river of sadness
The believed of eternity flows through my veins
True to the game, the streets still singing the song
Mothers bear witness to the unborn pain
Claiming for the struggle of righteousness
The blazing sensation of lust
Sweetness of love, blooming inside a rose
A flame burn inside a fatherless child
Drastically I feel the pain closing the door
The state of mind lingers and devours our sanity
On the top of a mountain my lungs clear a path
For the last breath of infinity
Expend a life time with a reflection of her
Chasing you through the woods, Shook a silent whisper
Serve one purpose, the light…
Her soft touched came through, and left me breathless  
Long jeopardy reclaims my senses
Waiting for the massager to deliver me
From eternal fire…

Rony Joseph all rights reserved 2010
Rony Joseph
Written by
Rony Joseph
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