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Mar 2021
To the ones that I Love..........

I just want to run away from the punishment that has begun; sent from the high Heavens above. That the weight of this fallen kingdom has me succumbing to the will of my oldest of demons, but I do miss that burn when the smoke fills up my lungs. Don't worry, this time there won't be any ropes needing to be hung, knives that need to feast on blood, or any lead that needs to be swung. No, no, no for you see, I AM officially done. Most of it would have sprung from pettiness, but y'all couldn't even wait till I was completely gone before I became the topic to discussed by those that would always appear as the money used to come, y'all had me at a disgust with myself until it bashed me over the head with that which is of blunt. So I'm over with the lust that had such a possessive grip over us. If this is the animal that I am to become, I promise you, you won't enjoy the final outcome that this story seemed to have spun.

Sincerely the king of the fools,
Rodrigo Martinez Lopez
Written by
Rodrigo Martinez Lopez  24/M/75001
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