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Feb 26
What is a human? Study your life.
What is a soul? Breathe, my dear.
What is imagination? Seek and ye shall find.
What is power?  Not money.
What is love?  F* only knows.
What is joy? Fickle, always fickle.
Where are the humans? Everywhereโ€ฆjust look.
Where is the soul?  It is dreaming.
Where is the imagination?  Itโ€™s with your soul.  (I think they are friends).
Where is power?  It is not in a white hall or house.
Where is joy? Seek and ye will not find, it will find you.
Where is love?  Hereโ€ฆ..
Very much inspired by Edwin Morgan's A Little Catechism from the demon.
Written by
JM Thomson'  43
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