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Jul 2013
The night started slow, riddled with excitement.
Soon everything came together to light the way like lightning.
Simple plants, changed the nature of everything around us.
Everything had life, and was there to astound us.
Posters became 3-dimensional works that played with imagination.
Upon closing eyes, we were gone, lost in fascination.
Never was there fear, and everything had proper circulation
To show us that everything is intertwined.
Two souls that night were able to effortlessly unwind.
Sometimes I would giggle as I examined my own mind.
But it helped me see that I'm now powerfully redefined.
Little crystals on green bulbs of beauty disappeared into our chests.
Blow it out slow with control and let go of any stress.
Winds of change were growing, and our tree danced for us.
A milestone in our friendship these happenings were a must.

Everything had elegance, from the way the world would sway
To the way, I knew exactly what to say.  
Punch lines and good times had us laughing.
Such raw, pure energy, creating moments everlasting.
Philosophically speaking, we were retreating into places of higher power.
Once the caps and stems were gone we had bloomed into majestic flowers.
Melted in our environments, in harmony with each other,
As our solo melodies played and were soaked into each brother.
Stimulating conversations about the universal energy matrix,
Elevated on magic, we got our wondrous fix.
An influx of synapse firing sparked a rewiring of who we are.
Bodies completely relaxed, mesmerized by stars.
The moon was a goddess looking over us,
As we gazed in awe of her aura.
Faces changing constantly, but with eye-contact we had a God moment.
Spectacles morphed so fast there was no way to really hold it.

Confidence was off the page as the scenes I was conducting,
Switched from stage to stage.  
Every line by us improv actors was perfect as if predetermined.
I knew the right time, I never in my life have been so absolutely certain.
Fields of energy drew us in as our experience fluctuated between scenes.
Though sometimes I was enjoying what was going on internally so much so,
That we both had periods where we wouldn't speak.
The levels of creativity increased as I was realizing inner potential climbing to our peaks.
Outwardly, we may've seemed goofy
But we experienced something mystical, all by our own choosing.
My rhymes of the mind came out on time
And fit in with every line of conversation.
Whether we wanted to move or not was the only contemplation.
A loving memory was shared across the span of many hours, complete with soul restoration.
I never before, cherished the reflection of myself more.
In the bathroom with eye eclipses, the rain that is bliss, poured.
Hallucinations were fully engaged, and roared
Across my landscape, where my wildlife continued to grow.
So much information to process, we could vaguely share the overflow.
Sometimes words were not needed, the symbols needn't be portrayed.
Feeling near complete with psilocybin inside, as the compounds together played.
Dancing on a rollercoaster in the depths of my heart,
For awhile Daft Punk was playing as we jived in the dark
We were in absolute sync with every happening.
With kaleidoscopic visions and topics flowing,
Higher frequencies within us were amassing.

One long song, a perfectly scripted movie.
Special effects so intricate, deep and moving.
All wounds felt healed, both deep scars and minor bruising.
I was beyond myself, tasted a touch of cosmos drip in me.
Perfectly placed with perspective overlapping like sacred geometry.
Chemistry changes were made as we meshed with biology.
On the brief, forever journey, I believe I could see all of me.
Within realms within realms, the sea of consciousness is where we delved.
To realize all we ever needed, was ourselves.
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