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Jul 2021
At two in the morning,
I shimmy up your drainpipe,
And tap gently on your window,
Waiting for you to open it.

There you stand,
All tired eyes and bed hair,
I sit, perched on your window ledge,
A sparkle in my eye and mud and leaves raked through my hair,
Your gaze shifts to behind me,
And you ask me why,

You looked bewildered,
And I just say " remember that time, I told you I would do anything for you,"?
And you nod,
So I keep on talking,
You always just let me talk, never correcting me or looking bored,
And I say " I told you I would do anything, even move mountains for you, "

And with that statement, a look of recollection washes over your face,
Your gaze shifts from me and to the looming shadow behind me,
" You... you brought me a mountain ", your voice shattering the wall of silence between us,

This mass of rock and dirt which sits patiently by your window,
That I brought to you,
This symbol of love, this symbol of what I would do for you,

As I shimmy my way through your window, and stand there,
" It's all that stands between us and the world " I whisper.
Jupiter The Poet
Written by
Jupiter The Poet  17/Two-Spirit/my brain, where else?
(17/Two-Spirit/my brain, where else?)   
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