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Jigsaw puzzle of greenery, the trees
Nestle next to each in the
slicing sideways light of sunset.
The yard in the back is filled with it,
Filled with the late late summer side slant
of sun,
The plastic Adirondack chairs, left, as we left them,
Me, looking at you, maybe my feet
in your lap...
No, it wasn’t us that set them ajar.
The one time we sat there, your discomfort
Grated on my tranquil storybook
Vision, of us sitting
in the sun,
The Wine,
so we went inside.

Now I see them, those pretend plastic,
Pale blue, light blue to match
The house,
chairs of ease,
One chair looking at the other, while
the other stares off into
We meant to build a fire that
Summer, a fire pit
evening of
But, I saw your dis-ease.
Was it the heat? The drone
of the bugs?
The chance of a gnat,
Landing in your

Or was it,…something
Something not found
in the sideways slant of
cooling air.
Was it, something
else, off
in that horizon,
by the pale blue, the light
Blue house.
cutting your sight
from the road.

It must have been, because, you said
Goodbye, several times
That summer.  A nod, a
kiss, and you were
in your mind,
because you never
left, but sat in your uncomfortable
Sadness of not
Belonging here, or
Where you thought;
Wistful plans set,  a
Blaze, not by
Midnight cords of wood
in a pile among the
Set ablaze by whimsy,
A promise,  not

So, we sat that summer,
and watched the flowers in the
pots bloom,
and the rains carry one
And the gnats gnatting
as gnats do,
Cannon balling into pinot,
taking  up
Residence, in that
Pale blue, light blue
With plastic mountain
On the lawn.

Those chairs,
Those, Adirondack chairs
Still sit, still sit askew, still
sit, in the slanting light,
Still sit, waiting,
as I do,
For a time
Things, will be right
with the
We must get, to
the other side, of
That Summer.
Let the snow pile high,
on those Chairs,
Get to, the whimsy, and
the Promise.
Watch down the
road, for a time to
travel, and not sit,
in uncomfortable
Askew in plastic
I was safe from the I-gotta-go conversation, for now...
Deborah T Johnson
Written by
Deborah T Johnson  Raleigh, NC
(Raleigh, NC)   
   Pagan Paul
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