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Feb 2021
what makes a man hate
who took away everything
left him with nothing or no-one
that he fell grater and further
then everyone else

what is art
can you be shown
will we ever feel it
exactly how its mean't to be felt
or are our minds to clean?

what does it take
but years of pain
surviving on
pen and paper medication

nothing is more beautiful
then the artist
nothing is more complicated
then him

live a day in the life of
use the hands
look with the eyes
feel how it feels
can you feel pieces of you die?

without this what will they be?
waking up each morning
not for himself
for you and me

each day they splinter
with every idea
with every movement
with every word
comes a piece of them

nothing is more beautiful
then the artist
killing themselves
so we can feel like were living

chipping away
at that hate inside
breaking off pieces
to remake something of value

but what happens when there is nothing left?
when every piece is gone
he has disappeared
leaving behind
Mary Woods
Written by
Mary Woods
     ---, --- and Bogdan Dragos
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