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Feb 17
thick loose curls
fall to the mat on the floor
i haven't had a real haircut
in three years
i would always get anxious
and cut hair off myself
because something happened
or i would get worried about something
and feel the need to cut my hair
and I could never bring myself
to get it cut by a professional
it was so uneven
so even though
i only got 7 inches cut off today
i feel like i'm starting
to know myself again
7 inches might seem like a lot but my hair was at least 2 feet long so 7 inches wasn't a lot considering how uneven it was at the ends and how unevenly layered it was so anywayyyy

i know that getting a haircut may not seem like that big of a deal but like it really was and i'm really proud of myself because i've finally done something that i've been scared of doing because of what my hair looked like. I could never wear it without it being in a ponytail because of how uneven it was and the person who cut my hair didn't say anything about it, she just cut it off it feels like a weight lifted of my shoulders because i can wear my hair loose again i'm like really proud of myself (this was long sorry it needed an explanation)
karly codr
Written by
karly codr  18/F/The Stars
(18/F/The Stars)   
     pepper, ---, Izzy and Imran Islam
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