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Jun 2021

No words could foretell how enormously this statement troubles me. Not because of the word classmates itself... but how one would define the mere, trifling word "classmates". For some, it solely means "individuals whom you share a room and a teacher with" but for us... It's unutterable, carrying so many distinct sentiments. Too.. many sentiments. Ones that could not flow out beyond our lips how they do beyond our hearts. Though allow me to assure you from now that possibly after a few days or a few months... or maybe it will take us a decade.... and even our entire lifetimes. Still, as time breezes at the fore of our orbs, stopping for absolutely no soul... We will find new faces and fresh, delicate grins that will completely melt us. A new light, a new pathway, a new adventure. One we will be sure to relish till the very end and a new heart for us to choose and treasure, and for it to love us back correspondingly. We will fail to remember the memories. Not because we chose to. Not at all but because time stops for nobody. The future awaits your presence and so do the memories that it will be sure to grant you... Both sounder and graver memories. We may even find ourselves chuckling at the terror that we felt as we allowed the class's memories to end, lastly realizing that the change was the best of this universe's plan for us. We will thrive and progress and strive to be better because of our past memories... But they are not there to haunt us. They are there to escort us through the galaxy of endeavour... and they shall distress us, surely. No core wishes to loosen its set, desperate grasp latched on to its past. But believe me, people, when I tell you that life will not come to an end when you decide. It won't stop. Not in one million years and not ever. We will not forget the memories altogether... but surely, we will forget the emotions that our youthful souls felt back then. A smile will creep its way to our lips as we mock the innocence and naiveness that we carried within us back then... Little do we know that those memories, though now forgotten, will forever be engraved onto our hearts, bleeding as new envisions shape our book's middle and ending... We will forget. But now, while you still possess those memories, don't be afraid to remember. Because at some era in the far, far future, your eyes will scream and the rage will flow down your flushed cheeks as the past fades. They have seen so much... too much. The story that your orbs carry.... the mind will eventually forget. It's truly a shame that the heart could not speak though... because if our running feet and our old hearts and our weeping eyes could read our life's book, they would tumble down mountains. We will forget. But for now, remember and remember and remember. Do not even dare stir away from the past due to fear of unruly longing to return to the memories you once called home. Don't be a coward. It takes 0 effort to forget but your entire world to remember. And that is why it will hurt. But it will be so
******* worth it.

"Are you not tired of running?"
Their voices would echo amidst her soul... "How could I?" she would ask with the wildest of grins.
"When living is all I know."

I will smile because it passed. And I will laugh because it happened and shaped my future for the better and nothing less.

Even after my eyelids seal, and the horizon ignites atop the fiery shores. At the end of the night, I shall endure on my two feet, once more. All alone, certainly but I will get through the hell of this life. Because this heart of mine, though bent, refuses to die.

Because you have shown me the power of dreams when they are sought after. Even if each breath takes a lifetime to catch.

I will cross borders, gaze beyond the obvious and search for what makes us blind. I will live. With purpose.

Until we meet again,

Written by
Vianne  19/F
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