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Feb 14
There's a warmth on your back
And an idea on your mind
As you fall into the lake, and eventually sink
Sink into this world of yours

Where reality has no bearing
And you have all the freedom you can imagine
Where the consequences haven't reached you
And the rewards are endless

Where your heart can finally be one
And not broken into a million pieces

A dream where dreamers finally find meaning in their existence

A place where I'm not tethered to hope
A place where I have everything

A place where I finally have you by my side
Smiling and holding me

A place where I see your eyes
Watching over me

A place where I feel your warmth
Keeping me away from the cold

A place where love with you
Seems possible

But I wake up, with a full heart
Full of hope that this dream will come into fruition

That this dream will grow into a most beautiful flower

A sunflower shining it's light onto me
with a smile I can only dream of...
Lunar Roses
Written by
Lunar Roses  16
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