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Feb 2021
You’re the monster under my bed
A creature hunting for it’s prey
Victims come running as fools of love
When all you love for, is to play

You’re a wolf in sheep’s soft clothing
Prowling along the city’s streets
You lie to me as often as you breathe
As often as my heart tenderly beats

If only fools fall for you
Then I guess that means I’m a fool
I let my guard down and was forced to pay
The toll, so damaging and cruel

I’m not in love with you
But I’m in love with the stories you told
I spent all my diamonds on your deceptions
And I bought every last lie that you sold
you might know that monster...
maybe you are that monster
inked solace
Written by
inked solace  F/wonderland
     Daisy Ashcroft, CarolineSD and Khoi
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