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Feb 11
The sand on my feet rubs against the towel
A towel, on a beach, 2 miles from where we were staying

I can't help but notice the sun, no not you silly, but the sun in the distance
Melting into the ocean scattering it's aura across the sky

I could stare at it for hours but it seems like you brought me here for something else

You open our picnic basket and pull out a bottle of wine
The purple elixir flowed into the glass tinted with the sun's last bit of life

"I'd like to sing you a song, if you'd like?"

"Of course I would"

And a song he sang

The wind joined in the festivities helping the grass sway to my darling's voice.
The seagulls all became silent to allow this performance of love to go smoothly
And the ocean rolled in and out harmoniously with his song.

The melting sun froze it's retirement for just one moment, so I could see just how bright he really was.

The song ended, and he gave me a grin

"How'd you like it"

But I couldn't respond
They're were too many tears rolling down my cheek

But I had to show my gratitude somehow

I gave him a kiss on the cheek and smiled in his general direction

And in return, he gave me a ring with the promise of love for a lifetime
Lunar Roses
Written by
Lunar Roses  16
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