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Feb 8
In a world where me is you
I contemplate who I really am
Maybe the remains of old chalkboard dust
Maybe the sunrise that no one got to see
Maybe yours
Maybe in a past life, I was yours
And coffee was bitter but mornings were sweet
And the music I wore followed me into the street
I say this because the first day I layed eyes on your face
I remembered it from my dreams
The first time I heard you speak,
I remembered you singing me to sleep
The first time I saw your figure
I remembered holding it close to me on nights where no one else understood that the ground on which I stood was enflamed and you were the one to unroofed the whick without fear of burning
I remember a lot of things about you
Like the way your hands fit mine to allow no crevices untouched
Perfectly intertwined
But it wasn’t perfect
Of course it wasn’t
Because perfect would mean that we were void of flaws
But my darling your flaws are what made me fall for you in the first place
And I fell hard
But instead of bringing me back up, you layed down next to me and looked over
Under the endless infinity of galaxies, you hid behind beautiful pairs of hazel eyes
And said “I’m not going anywhere. If you’re down so am I”
And so we fell together
But the wounds were preemptive
These wounds we filled with poems
And letters
And roses
These wounds we filled with passion
And love
And cardboard boxes
These wounds we filled with each other
So when I see you
And I feel like my chest is holding a pride of starved lions
Just know
That nostalgia brings me back
To a better time
A time where I was
B Bonnete
Written by
B Bonnete  19/Houston
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