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Feb 8
You can't describe what it feels like when you see "her"
It's like when someone steps on your throats and pours hot wax down your legs
At the same time
But in a good way
Falling in love sounds so nice
Until you forget the presence of the word fall
Falling exposes every inch of your humanity and vulnerability
And sells it to the next stranger passing by
She doesn't realize that my soul is in the palm of her hand
That I will willingly shapeshift myself into the perfect lover for her
She makes everyday a steaming cup of coffee
Her touch makes everyday a swirl of serendipity
Her simplicity makes everyday so incredibly easy and so incredibly **** hard
Yet I can't say I mind
She is so beautiful
You can't describe beauty to someone because you could make anything sound beautiful but reality would drift away with subjectivity
Her beauty is common truth
A commandment that stands as valid as any of the ten
It was evident
And I fell into her
When she laughs ants crawl down my throat and seek refuge
Knawing away at my pride and vanity
I knew that in that moment anything could happen and I would remain unchanged
There is nothing I wouldn't forgive
No broken bones or hearts that I would hesitate to fix
I would be honored to even linger on her tongue in the same sentence as "I love you"
Each time we've kissed my lips got lost in my mind
And my mind got lost in a void of bittersweet ****
And my tongue got lost in anΒ Β I love you that came too soon
I had to tell her that it was a lie
You can't fall in love that fast
You can't possibly
I took back my affection and it slit my heart
Blood gushing through the wound as it would a hospitalized patient
The only stitches that could be made were by her
only she had the compassion that would make this golden string fit into my raptured arteries
Her soft touch, the only variable that could bring me back to life in this fatal operation called love
I was a patient of her disposition
And for once
I didn't catch my fall
B Bonnete
Written by
B Bonnete  19/Houston
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