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Feb 7
A yellow father is making a food delivery while his two children are in the back seats of his car, which is true;
He's leaving the engine running, which is a stupid *** thing to do.

A brown man steals the stupid *** father's car while the two children are still inside, which is bad as can be;
When the martial arts Muslim sees what's happening while hiking, he takes out a wooden dart immediately.

The martial arts Muslim throws the wooden dart into one of the back tires, which is sly;
He takes out another wooden dart and throws it into the second back tire and that's no lie.

When the car slows down, the martial arts Muslim runs towards it, as you can see;
The crook gets out of the stolen car and runs quickly.

The martial arts Muslim takes out another wooden dart and throws it into the back of the crook's knee;
He runs towards the crook and I know you'll agree.

The martial arts Muslim kicks the crook in the back of his head, which is great;
Crime is what the martial arts Muslim really hates.

When the **** is defeated, the stupid *** father runs towards his car and hugs his children and what I'm saying is right;
The stupid *** father thanks the martial arts Muslim, which is polite.

The martial arts Muslim calls the cops;
The crook is full of slop.

When the cops arrive and arrest the crook, the martial arts Muslim hikes away;
The father promises to never leave his children alone in his car and to never leave the engine running and that's all I have to say.
Idris Muntaqim
Written by
Idris Muntaqim  47/M/Eastpointe, MI
(47/M/Eastpointe, MI)   
   Thomas W Case
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