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Feb 2
See You

By the time i told you I had given it to you already

In the form of tiny stars making patterns
Of spots
on the backs, the front;
the thicks of your thighs

You mustnt have had to move your fingers
In the shape of slight swiping
In the space leaning sideways  between

, but of course you would and
/of course the leaning makes the space;
moves it
into the balance of a window
With streetlights and rain

and the front of u against the back
of mine/
Promises that leave a gap
like the
Clinical white of bathroom cabinets.

God, to accidentally
Against the symbols he gave us
as he was mumbling spinach in the roots of his teeth

& to test the trips of washing
machines, how our shoulders would
against metal
and a trembling view of the sneaking outside

that would waver,
that would send these Moments the smell of tulips
And damp and
marijuana, & short stone walls,
& the cold of my fingers
when i trade my hand for yours:

And i would look back at you with shears of thunder
-- would whisp the underneath
Of the small of my back
Into sharp grey clouds
(speaking sunlight)
On a background of secret & glowing white roses.

(we'd have each painted them red
You know
Had it not been for these small interruptions
we made

in time, and space)
Written by
     FraisDeLaFerme, preston and M Vogel
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