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Feb 2
Isn’t it interesting
How in the absence of light
There is darkness?
How hunger
Signifies the need to eat
How thirst
Indicates one needs a drink
How no fuel
Doesn’t move your car
How no money
Means you have no value
And how words on paper
Can touch and move your soul?

What’s more interesting
Than all this
Is how we are drawn to the light
How we eat to stop hunger
We drink to cut our thirst
A full tank makes us drive faster
And money can buy happiness
Whilst poetry
Can melt your icy heart

Why do we consume?
Why is it we
See the world as an object?
Why is everything to us a possession?
Why must we compete - to pointlessly
Be better than one another?
What’s with this drive
To stand out from the crowd
When a man standing on his own
Will never be as strong
Or as loud
As a crown that stands together?

Why be on top?
If you ask any woman
Or man, it’s simple
Power equals control
A game of *******
For in that instance
You have become a possession
And once that happens
You have lost all your value
Not right away of course
But slowly in time
Because that’s how to properly
Consume and break a human
Slowly - the slower the better
And they will slowly crack and give in
Giving you their all
And accept that now
They are your property
In the final act
The secret move
The magic trick you never see coming
For 1 - 2 - 3
Abra -go-****-yourself
And they pull the carpet
From beneath your feet
By the time you’re standing
They’re gone
You’ve been dumped
On the side of the road
Like a used ******

Worse still
They would keep you close
Act like nothing is wrong
Smile at you
And as they speak
You read between the lines
‘I have replaced you’

Now you may think
This poem is about
The birds and the bees
But you are wrong
When you have friends like these
Who needs enemies?
Stoned Adventurer
Written by
Stoned Adventurer  29/M/Malta
   Bogdan Dragos
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