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Jan 30
Cutting and ******* my skin I feel it digging itself in, that thought of being incomplete and not quite me, not myself, who can help? Not family nor friends can.
look at them watch as it’s too late.

Hahaha no one wanting me to tempt fate but listen up I’ve got something to say. This is my life not yours if I want to end it then let be. Control you can’t, another soul to be flaunted, I’m yours kid, summon and compel, fought I did, letting you become hells kin, this isn’t right, not what was written. Please my son calm down we can talk about this.
Not knowing that son was already mentally contorted, being ripped and torn like so many souls aborted, not meant to be but you clawed with an inch of your life your sorted, made it through kid. Welcome to hell and the life you afforded. Look around boy this is your bed, you made it, lay in it, no talk back.

What wrong? Not what you thought? Maybe you was expecting more? But sorry Bradley this is what consists.. here, take your sceptre  and March to the pits.
There’s work to do and your just the kid he’s been looking for, you never question or need to know more.. you get it don’t you Bradley?
Not everyone on this world is worth you.
Maybe your worth more and one day you’ll come through.
Written by
Nexus  25/M/UK
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