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Jan 2021
you recorded the ketchup smeared walls and broken glass shattered on the kitchen floor.

what you didn't record was your broken heart that you convinced yourself i caused.

you told me to clean up the mess i made.

and with that statement you took my heart and smashed it along with the condiments.

black and white details

I lied to you.

black and white detail

He lied to you.

but you believed a stranger over our 40 months of "love"

i think you intentionally burned me... but i guess you should know by now,


you burned yourself.
Tea Time: long story short someone tried to say i attempted to be with them while in a relationship. i spoke to the person but only of my partner, all positive to further put but i lied when i said if i had spoke to them. but they lied and said i cheated. she believed them over me, took rings, moved out. ruined everything. i fought for months but was never treated the same and she never believed me. I gave up when she got with my only guy friend which is unforgivable for me, only for the person who lied to her about me to come forward a year later and admit he lied and asking for forgiveness. oh and shes in my phone asking for me back now. no thank you ^.^
Written by
     Clarkia and ---
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