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Jan 2021
The roses in our garden
Are watered with tears, and not rain
The roses in our garden
Are blossomed by my sorrows and my pain

I don’t know how they got here
And I don’t know if they’ll ever leave
All I know is that they thrive best
When I lay by their roots to grieve

Their beauty mocks my suffering
And their petals reflect my sorrow
It seems they take away my joy
They hope to steal, not borrow

They feed off my flowing river
A river, not short of supply
For as long as we stay together
This river will never run dry

Our garden is our relationship
This superficial, dying flame
Maintaining this garden kills me
I can no longer keep it tame

Don’t ever trust a pretty garden
For it takes sacrifice to make it that way
It drains life to keep it red and pink
And it’s a price I’m not willing to pay
inked solace
Written by
inked solace  F/wonderland
       SiouxF, jordan, Elizabeth J, Ley, shamamama and 5 others
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