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Jul 2013
I wonder if there truly is a land beneath the sea
where a people had once thrived
that over time
was swallowed whole or partially.
Would we recognize this land
if we saw with our two eyes?
Or would we write it off as simply that which it now lyes?
Eroded by the waves of force,
this land which we now see
was once a land abundant and beautiful,
now lying beneath the weeds.
Or would we see this land for its true worth?
A place where creatures now give birth
to creatures ever changing
ever growing just like we.
We're not so much different, your land and mine.
Yours is simply beneath water, and mine beneath the sky.
If all evaporation had occurred simultaneously,
the mountains would have grown so high that gravity
would look a little different from your world now looking down.
How would you define mine? How would you wear your crown?
Would you pollute me and disuse me,
or would you understand my ways?
Instead of simply writing me off as such,
a land that's lost in waves.
James Tyler
Written by
James Tyler  Memphis
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