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Jan 20
These past five years I’ve been an insufferable  mess
lie after lie after  venal lie,  my nation in distress
too ashamed, angry + embarrased to look others in the eye, I must confess
this January 20th though, I feel quite blessed
though this trial has passed, so much to be done
reconciling America to her rightful place beneath  the Lord's  righteous sun
hopping mad, youngsters won’t get it, that  I understand
but our democracy + Republic came close to being ******
a profusion of demoniacs stole power
the 4th estate was assailed + almost chased her from her tower
but common decency prevailed like a magnificent flower
and a garden of hope has replaced the dour
marauding despots who hurt her
we won’t forget the damage done
for out of many, we are one
E pluribus unum
out of many, one (the motto of the US).

The 4th Estae
The real problem of  the  ”press as an enemy of the people”
(a ludicrous proposition)  isn’t because of the occasionally
fake or the outright  phoniness of yellow journalism,
its because many individual members of the press (and especially collectively) possess an eminently superior understanding of government protocol, strictures and procedures far beyond that of bureaucrats. An honest democracy cannot view the free press as a threat nor be opposed to its scrutiny. Indeed the free press is an intended purposeful vanguard. In as as much, they are heralds.
The press are in essence freedom fighters of the highest
constitutional order, (1st Amendment). Their tireless meticulous sifting of what is true and false is invaluable. The founders of the US Constitution anticipated that the freedom of the press (unfettered truth) would ultimately hold the feet of the craftiest despot to the proverbial fire of light. ©kwr

In every  nation there exists an intelligentsia but only in  despotic totalitarian nations are they  feared, oppressed and denied.
Written by
sobroquet  67/M/Maui, Hawaii
(67/M/Maui, Hawaii)   
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