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Jun 25
My vision clouds before the moistureless concrete walls, a test ahould I prevail like time spent learning magick in divided cells of my past come to live again as a new beast roaring for attention.
It's what I deserve.
It's what I asked for atleast.
Grateful the opportunities granted plant an ideology of solve et coagulation though my spine protests the divine weight I traips when bearing.
Though my sight seeing detour detention center created of melted steel, cable, and drywall, I peer into an entrancing existence.
The soft soul that calls me her own, demonic armor left aside to accept mine own.
How ecstatic. This pain new to me, used to physically abusing myself to prove I could still feel meaning in the lonely traveled roads of a morally conscious bard , my stories I've lived and heard far across the winding winds.
Forgotten almost as easily, is it true I've ever lived before my dark angel of the mountains graced me with her presence? Left unchecked I stress the understoodย ย importance of the natures violent growth.
I put the consequences on the backburner and found myself a partner.
Am I lucky, or a fool, or drunk on possibilites that I think are ******* cool?
All of the above and more, I'll pour my adoration forth a soul spring gushing rapid comfy, polar aspects mingle
Written by
KG  25/M
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