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Jan 20
So oi said ter 'imself
Luk oi nu you're
oyt av work

an' yisser misses
'as gone aff wi'
de young feller
yer invited 'um

an' yisser car
'as been 'ot

an' de peelers
'av cautioned yer
aboyt yisser
drunken behaviour

an' yer 'av de clap
but be considerate
av other people

we al' 'av 'ard times
but gettin' yerself
trollied each noight

an' playin'
dohs bleedin Dubliners
records ter al' 'ours
is causin' a bitter resentment
toward yer

An' waaat did yer man
say ter dat?

He didn't
he slammed
'is dure shut
an' turned
de volume up.
Terry Collett
Written by
Terry Collett  73/M/England
         phil roberts, The uniVerse, TD, Cat, mister truth and 1 other
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