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Jan 20
It seams to me
That the darker your skin
The less people take you seriously
They won’t look within
Or past the pigmentation
And they get mad at you
When it gives others temptation
They’ll say we’re just tools
Things on legs
With gigantic knobs
They’ll treat us like mad dogs
And call us lazy when we’re tired
And try and suppress us
When the masses start admiring
These mad dogs on a loose
While they tighten that nose
And call us savages
While if in the same situation,
They would do the same
If not worse
And claim that these ******
Are home wreckers
Because we don’t have the money
To protect our name
Or wealth

How depressing
When you consider
That man’s best friend; the dog
Is a domesticated wolf
And aggressive animal
That willingly broke itself
To be controlled by man
Still looks at other dogs
And considers them their own
Regardless of size, shape or color
Or if they share
The same mother or father

And to think that man
Would create such a divide
When they’re best friend
Is right there by their side
And they expect it to learn
From every word they say
But they won’t look through their friends eyes
The same way
Stoned Adventurer
Written by
Stoned Adventurer  29/M/Malta
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