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Jan 17
Preaching To The Choir

Hark! Let the Seraphim sing
You preach of love
But your contempt of hate is stronger

Where was your god
Where was he when tragedy struck
Get off your cross
With your martyred state of mind

You go through your motions
Preaching of the heavenly gate
When in your heart its only brimstone and hate

**** your idolatry
**** your hypocrisy

Use your mind before you open your mouth
Hark! Let the Seraphim sing

I'm preaching to your choir
I'll show more than just your hate

I'll keep my fists up
I'll stand up strong
My convictions are stronger than your words

Preaching to the choir
In Jesus name, amen.
Written by
Heavenstornasunder  31/M
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