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Jan 2021
your wounds glistened in the moonlight

the pain wreathed the shards of a glass heart
all together & the depth of the fall
was enough to break the wings of an angel
into pieces

but as the hope inside you crumbles into ashes
while all of the feathers slip away from you
into flames & smokes
will you find a moment to close your eyes

look at how we were made to fall
so we could find peace in the pain

would you listen so you could see deep down
there's a diamond now
of what used to be a shattered hollow

β€”it's fire is burning you back to life

as you bathe in the warmth of all the blood
your wounds glistened like starlight

so why don't you show the night sky
that in its darkest
diamonds bleed the brightest
& in the darkness
something it can never have back
is reborn

why don't you show all of the stars
who's the brightest
how gracefully you can burn
for freedom;

when they finally know
what their ever-burning fire can defy
they will fall

because the gravity of beauty is cruel

but broken angels, with the cost of our wings
these hearts of diamond is why we're
unbreakable people

so what's there to fear in falling

we're not as gorgeous as the stars
without all of our scars;

without loving the fire that burns us
it would turn us into ashes
Written by
πš“πšŠπš—πš›πš’  seaside of wildflowers
(seaside of wildflowers)   
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