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Jan 16
I am the culmination of everything I have ever loved
every lingering glance I have let last too long
and affectionate syllable I have spoken too softly
I love wholeheartedly and with generosity
even in the wrong moments, unadvisedly
when feeling the rush of a sweet dishonesty
tied to the lips of those undeserving of me
I am made from the scars of my mother
and the labor from my father
but rebirthed every time I meet a new personality
my skin soaking up their congenialityΒ Β 
breathing art, tasting music, and living poetry
constantly yearning for different realities
yet knowing I find them between the cushions of your cars seats
through the window, in the silence, or right under my feet
I would not be who I am without the winters dusk
or every imprint left on my skin from unexpected touch
I am made of butterflies, meant to be everything I love
I always find myself thinking about who I would be if my life was slightly different, from a change I made unconsciously. I have loved so many things so earnestly, and I don't think I would be nearly the same if I had changed that, even slightly. I think I'm happy with how I turned out. However, would I even know if I wasn't?
Written by
Savannah  F/USA
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