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Jan 14
Guess my gender
Will you please
Before we tell you
Having fun decorating the room
Any colour will do
If it is black
Do you think
That it would be dark
If it is green
Will it match the grass
Out in the park
Light blue my friend
Would be good
Yes that is so good
Oh my darling won’t you please
Give me my fucken food
Don’t wait till the gender date
Cause I am hungry now
But you must wait till we name
The gender cause
The meal will be suited
Each one
Love the gender no matter what
And always will oh yeah
I will love the gender
Yes I will
Have a lot of fun
Beer and wine and spirits yeah
And a special gift
To the gender I choose
Oh my oh my oh my darling
Please my dear
Getting drink Down ya
If it is a boy give a dark
And the girls choose light
But what if the gender you get
Wants to change the rules
Just except it like a man
And don’t you be a fool
Love love love
The gender and we will always will
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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