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Jul 2013
Hello my love, we meet again
beneath the trees we once had been.
A thought, a promise, now left to rot;
Your love, a thought, i've always sought.
Two souls apart we'll always wonder
until the day we find one another.
By the lakeside, an artificial sea,
my only lover i'll always know we.
A high price to pay, that of forgiveness.
You leave me here, my only witness.
To the pain I felt, no one will know
because the smile I fake is the thing that shows.
In a plain, with wheat so grown,
the wind it waves has always shown.
The path to you is here and there
growing farther still my heart lay bare.
A one to know, to hold, to love,
the northern star will guide me near.
To land, a-**, i'll always yell,
you are always the shore for my ship to sail.
If I move far away it won't be for her,
it will be to ease my mind, my gold and my myrrh.
For the chance you may travel miles to see me,
Instead of across state, i'll be by the sea.
You can see your best friend, your lover, your man
you can just look from a mountain and see where I stand.
It's a place that I've loved of great history and passion,
my love i'll abide with great silence and ration.
It's a city where I can do great things,
not a prima ballerina me it brings,
it's because I'd be closer to that which I love.
And no longer have to look to the stars above.
Just to wonder if you're staring back at them too;
you'll always be my baby, and i'll always stay true.
We may **** in the lack of because physicality one needs,
but please do not dwell on that which proceeds.
I do not dwell on that which has been,
with you and a man you once called a friend.
I only will live in the time that we have,
and I'll always be here to ease the caution you have.
You may move across state, and start your life so a-new,
but I'll remain chasing you, my soul filled with you.
James Tyler
Written by
James Tyler  Memphis
   ophelia letourneau, ---, M M M and -
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