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Jan 12
Assisted-living facilities have a contract with the funeral homes the same way cops have buddies that are tow truck drivers.

If all live$$$ matter we’re all ****** and overpopulated; survival of the most self-indulgent. Targeted ads like mantras /affirmations, your revolution was only televised to sell shoes to put your soul to the track and run the gamut-******* our selves Into the same race

selling yourself out to the mental ******* of vibrating along to humming the power the machine gaslit us with

Profiteering In a pandemic is nothing new-
you’re overthinking and underselling it for your best interest In a self important cult of selfΒ Β like a politician.

Smash the reacts and dopamine yourself up in little deaths of Inspiration; whispering bittersweet heart attacks, like ASMR Cardiac arrest-handcuffed and tied with a flag to the bed we made with our sugar daddy, Uncle Sam
Written by
kenny  36/M/Chicagoland
     Wanderer and ju
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